Sherwin ~ A Snail’s Tale  ~ After many years on the back burner, an illustrated children’s book finally took shape and was published in 2018. The story of a snail who takes his first trip away from his home by a small pond to discover the world, Sherwin is finding favor among grandparents and parents of small children.  26 pages with 18 colorful illustrations.

Painting The World My Way ~ The Gouache Book  ~A book which grew out of Parker’s art blog, Painting The World My Way was written in response to people seeking information and answers about the use of gouache.  68  pages with over 100 images of demonstrations and paintings.

The Barn Project  ~ Like many artists, Parker is addicted to old wood and rust.  This little book contains over 50 images of drawings, sketches and paintings of barns the artist has spotted in travels from Texas to Ohio.  40 pages.

Becoming a Painter in Only 45 Years  ~ A personal chronicle of the artist’s double life of making a living while pursuing his love of art at night and on weekends.  This 40 page book includes 13 photographs and 49 images of drawings and renderings.